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Strike Zone


SKU: 824

Bowling Themed Ticket Redemption Game
Installed Dimensions: Height: 94″, Width: 28″, Depth: 75″
Weight (lbs): 440
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bobs Space Racers




Get ready to bowl like you never have before with Strike Zone by Bobs Space Racers!

Like BSR’s other titles, this one is easy to play and appeals to customers of all ages. Grab a seat, insert credits and take control of the unique “bowling pin gun” that is mounted to the control panel. The gun will automatically begin firing ping-pong balls so all the user has to do is aim. There are six LED lit targets to shoot at, each with different values. Overall this is a great piece that offers excellent entertainment for any venue with a focus on ticket redemption.

What Makes Strike Zone Special?

– Bowling themed redemption game

– Attractive cabinet with LED-lit etched art in the plexiglass sides

– Unique “bowling pin gun” that will automatically fire ping-pong balls once the game begins

– Six LED lit targets

–  Easy gameplay for any age to enjoy

– Bench seating for player comfort

– Ships with 2 coin slots and a ticket dispenser

NOTE: Availability on these units is limited. Please call


Check out Strike Zone in action:

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