• Street Hoops Party basketball themed coin pusher by Wahlap

Street Hoops Party


A Basketball Style Coin Pusher Where You Launch Coins Into The Hoops
Installed Dimensions: Height: 79″, Width: 61″, Depth: 61″
Shipping Dimensions: Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Wahlap Tech


Blending the fun of a coin pusher with basketball, Street Hoops Party is a fantastic 4-player game created by Wahlap and Vogos.

Apart from it’s attractive black & yellow contrasting colors, Street Hoops Party is a game with lasting appeal thanks to the way it uses the basketball theme. When users approach one of the four stations, they will find an innovative coin slot that can be easily aimed. This slot lays down flat and allows players to load up several coins so they can ‘rapid fire’ if they need to. Inside of the game chamber is a moving mini-basketball hoop, which will quickly pause between one of the three bonus targets near the back. Also different from the typical pusher is that there are three moving sweepers which are constantly in motion, moving above the standard pusher platform. Players can win tickets not just from falling coins but also from landing a coin in the hoop! A bonus wheel is also built into each station to add that extra incentive for players to enjoy the game

Wahlap’s Steet Party Hoops Features:

– Huge 4 Player “Carnival Style” Token Pusher made for ticket redemption
– Colorful LED Lighting Effects draw attention to the game beyond the theme
– Token Shooting Skill Game with a multi-coin Token Slider
– Moving basketball hoop above bonus targets
– Three sweepers help keep coins to the front of the platform
– Accumulated Bonus Tickets Feature
– Digital sounds and music
– Metal cabinet will hold up to years of use and abuse
– Easy access operator door under each station
– If one station has a fault, the other three are not affected
– 4 ticket dispensers included
– Compatible with quarters or tokens.

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