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Speed Driver 4


Dimensions: Height: 80″, Width: 40″, Depth: 70″
Weight (lbs): 615
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Wahlap

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The 4th Edition of this well-loved racing arcade game from Wahlap and IGS can be linked with up to (3) other units to offer true four-player multiplayer racing fun with “battle” modes and comes with internet capabilities.

The attractive Speed Driver 4 red racing cabinet offers both upgraded seating and steering wheels from Speed Driver 3, plus new tracks, new cars, new characters and new game, modes such as:

“Free Racing Mode”, “Global Battle Mode”, “Challenge Mode”, “Time Attack Mode”‘, “Local Battle Mode” and “Story Mode”.
New Tracks include:
“Huangpu Bund”, “Nanpu Bridge”  “Sightseeing TUNL” and “Southern Shanghai”.
New Cars include:
“Djinn”, “Duke”, “Mighty”, “Storm”  “Venom” + (1) Extra Mystery Vehicle to be unlocked.

Speed Driver 4 World Fever Video Game Features:
▪ (19) Racing Cars + (70) Car Shapes To Choose From
▪ (500) Tuning Parts and Millions Of Combinations
▪ (3) Single Player Modes + (4) Player Modes
▪ (5) Scenes, (17) Tracks and (64) Stages
▪ New Car Tuning + N2O Power System
▪ High Quality Force Feedback Steering
▪ Powerful Online Internet Features include Instant Ranking, Motorcade System and More
▪ New Combat Mode – Players Feel Competitive
▪ Player Memory Card System For Multi-Game Use Saves Player Game Data with SD3 Memory Card


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