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Sniper Strike II



Become A Part Of An Elite Sniper Squad
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Amusement Source International



Join a sniper team and take out the terrorists in Sniper Strike II by Amusement Source International.

Sniper Strike II follows the spirit of the classic arcade shooter Silent Scope, but takes the idea to a new level by featuring four guns instead of one. The guns are easily the most attractive sight of this game, these being designed with great detail to the point where they are quite realistic. Each rifle is placed upon a hydraulic base, allowing players to adjust the height of the gun to their own comfort level. Inside of each gun scope is an LCD display that simulates using a real scope within the game, so that players can locate and take out active threats. Players can also adjust the zoom of their scope to help in the hunt.

Here’s Sniper Strike II as seen at IAAPA 2022, filmed by our friends over at Arcade Heroes.

Amusement Source International’s Sniper Strike II Features

– Return to a classic arcade genre, the sniper light-gun shooter

– Cabinet design that will stop customers in their tracks

– 4x specially-crafted mounted sniper guns. Very realistic in their look and feel

– Each gun is mounted to a hydraulic platform; Each can be height-adjusted using the controls for the user’s comfort level

– HD LCD display built into each scope

– Strong force feedback

– Scope zoom in/out controls

– 55″ HD display

– Multiple scenarios to choose from for 1-4 players

– Powered by a PC

– Coin or card swipe ready (please specify)

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