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Rescue 1


Water-Gun Fire Fighting Game For 2 Players
Installed Dimensions: H: 93.5″ W: 39.5″ D: 99″ Weight: 833 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 2 Packages
Game: H: 90″ W: 47″ D: 91″ Weight: 1042 lbs.
Seat: H: 29″ W: 38″ D: 43.5″ Weight: 196 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 8A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bob’s Space Racers


Rescue 1 offers compact midway fun for the arcade, designed and produced by Bob’s Space Racers.

Featuring a fire engine theme, one or two players take a seat on the fire hydrant chairs and aim their fire hose guns at the lit targets on the building in front of them. By putting out the (fake) fires, which lit targets increase in speed as the game progresses, players win tickets. It’s simple fun that the whole family can enjoy.

Rescue 1 features a self-contained water system that is easy for the operator to maintain. The fire hose nozzle guns will automatically begin to fire once the game has been credited, so that players do not need to figure out a trigger or reloading system. If you are looking for a 2-player game with unique features, this is the game to get!

Bob’s Space Racers’ Rescue 1 Features:

– Brings the theme park midway experience to the arcade for 1-2 players

– Attractive fire engine theme with molded fire hose nozzle guns that auto-fire

– Molded fire fighter and LED-lit rescue ladder add extra appeal to the game

– Comfortable fire hydrant themed seats for each player

– Mounted guns keeps the action where it should be – in the game!

– Self-contained easy maintenance water system

– Eight (8) total LED targets (4 per player) to shoot during gameplay with progressive difficulty

– Four red numerical LED displays show player scores, timer and the Top Score to beat

– Various operator adjustments available

– Ships with two coin slots and two ticket dispensers (1 per player); card swipe ready


Check out Rescue 1 in action from this manufacturer produced video:

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