Redeem Machine


A Self-Service Solution To Redeeming Cards For Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 91″ W: 26″ D: 32″ Weight: 220 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 78″ W: 76″ D: 46″ Weight: 360lbs.
Electrical: 120V @ 110W, 1A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Andamiro USA


Are you done enjoying the cards you have collected from arcade machines, and want to exchange those for tickets? Then Andamiro’s Redeem Machine is the answer for you!

Collectible card redemption games have been a hot item on the market for the past few years – players just can’t get enough of them. Andamiro has been leading the pack in such developments, including:

With the Redeem Machine, you can turn the cards, chips, tokens or coins that are awarded from these games into tickets! Simply insert the cards/coins/chips that you have in your possession, with the kiosk properly recognizing their value. This includes bonus sets for additional tickets! You can also use the kiosk to explore sets using the intuitive touchscreen interface, seeing if you happened to miss anything from previous visits to the arcade. The player presses FINISH to complete the transaction then “swipes” to transfer tickets to his or her player account. When a high-value rare item or super bonus set are detected, an attendant alert is enabled. It allows the customer to “skip the line” at the redemption counter to exchange items for tickets, which are transferred to their player account immediately. With this machine, locations can reduce the work load on the redemption desk, while increasing security and reducing theft.

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Andamiro USA’s Redeem Machine Features:

– Sharp-looking, high security kiosk that is easy for arcade clients to use.

– Take advantage of the 15 million+ cards in circulation on the amusement market now

– Redeem cards/coins/chips from several Andamiro-made game machines.

– High-capacity solid-state SSD supports expansion capabilities for future game card releases and items.

– Navigate the user-friendly interface using the 23″ HD touchscreen

– A second 23″ display shows additional card information along with sets and values

– Recognizes card bonus sets and awards “e-tickets” and/or points, accordingly.

– Ships with dual ticket dispensers for traditional “ticket” venue operations.

– Compatible with popular swipe-card cashless systems, including Embed, Intercard and Sacoa.

–  Helps prevent card fraud and theft. Reads both barcoded and RFID cards; chips must include barcodes

– Chips can be identified via color (blue, gree, orange, red); this can be disabled

– Securely stores high-value trade-ins.

– Locking caster wheels for easy movement

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