• Plants Vs. Zombies Whacker by Sega Amusements

Plants Vs. Zombies Whacker


Whack The Zombies In The Head As You Defend Your Backyard
Installed Dimensions: H: 81″ W: 36″ D: 30″ Weight:
Shipping Dimensions: 31X32X87 Weight: 270 lbs.
Electrical: 110V (220V option available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements


The Plants vs. Zombies™ franchise by PopCap® Games is well-known all over the world having been found on multiple platforms, including the arcade. Now you can experience the war of the Plants & Zombies in a totally new and fun way with Sega’s Plants Vs. Zombies Whacker.

The setup is just what you would expect from a ‘whacker‘ style game but with this awesome license applied to it. Players must defend their backyard from waves of zombies by whacking them all with the Peashooter hammer before the time runs out. Each molded head looks just like the zombies from the game and between the art package and license, this game will do great at your location for many years to come.

What Makes Plants Vs. Zombies Whacker Special?

– Unique application of the popular Plants Vs. Zombies license

– Attractive backlit and 3D molded marquee

– Familiar and easy gameplay – just whack the heads that pop-up with the mallet

– Family friendly design and playfield height is perfect for kids

– Detailed 3D molded zombie heads and a “Peashooter” mallet – just like the game!

– Numerical LED displays for Score, Timer and Tickets won

– Ships with a standard single slot coin mechanism & ticket dispenser; card swipe ready

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Capsule vending dispenser

– 220V power operation


Check out the Plants Vs. Zombies Whacker in action:

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