• Panther Revolution High Tech Photo Booth by Digital Centre

Panther Revolution Photo Booth


An Upright Photo Booth With An Eye For Tech
Installed Dimensions: H: 76.6″ W: 28.7″ D: 40″  Weight: 433.2lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V @ 810W (220/230V power available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Digital Centre



The Panther Revolution photo booth by Digital Centre is a classic booth style machine with great new modern features to take your sales to the next level!

The booth features an upright design with a bench inside and dark curtains to provide comfort and some privacy to your guests. What really stands out on the cabinet is the replacement of the typical bulky cabinet with a streamlined design. Instead of a cabinet taking up space is a huge, 6′ vertical LED screen. This interactive display allows you or users to showcase pictures or videos, which you can use to further promote your brand, a special event or a guest! Combined with Digital Centre’s specialized ad platform, you can generate revenue without even printing a photo!

Digital Centre machines also offer a smartphone app for both customers and operators called MyPhotoApp which allows clients to share their pictures digitally with ease. Use the QR-ID to securely track your pictures and photos are printed with a QR code that clients can use to share their pictures as well. Operators can use it to make booth adjustments and audits remotely. Digital Centre has also developed a secure transmission method to protect photos on the machine and in the Cloud so that users can share without worry.

Digital Centre’s Panther Revolution Photo Booth Features:

– Upright cabinet uses a nearly 6′ tall LED display that allows you to feature any photo or videos you want

– 10MP digital camera for top quality photos

– Uses a Mitsubishi CP9550 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer for high quality prints

– Print in 4×6″ or two 2×6″ strips sizes; 430 photos per roll (860 strips)

– Easy-to-use 17″ touchscreen display and control

– Seven photo customization options: Black & White; Full Color; Collages; Funny Frames; Wigs & Hairstyles; Hats Selection; Street Art

– Video capture feature (operator option). If active, clients can share a video message via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

– Photos can be uploaded to Digital Centre’s secure cloud; no emails or passwords required by the client

– Smartphone app (iOS/Android) integration for both client and operator allows users to easily share their pictures on social media such as Facebook & Twitter.

– QR-ID lets clients keep track of their photos on the app

– QR-PHOTO feature lets clients share a particular photo strip on any phone with a QR scanner

– Built-in ethernet port for wired online connectivity (wireless available, see below)

– Competitive film/media costs! Please include an order for at least one roll of film at the time of purchase

– Extensive operator customization options. Customize: Images on the LED screen; Welcome & Goodbye screens; Lateral Text; Add your own music; 4th frame with logo/message; Frames; Collage photo options; and decals

– Payment option: Cash, tokens, credit/debit card reader and smartphone payment

– Also available as the “Panther” model without the 6′ LED exterior screen

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Additional Film Rolls (430 vends per roll)

– Second printer to high vend locations

–  Wireless connectivity USB Adapter.

–   SmartPrint Feature. Print ANY of the photos on your phone using the photo booth as the printer! Great for generating additional income.

– Ad Platform.  Run advertisements from other clients, name brands and more to generate additional revenue

– Marquee Sign: Blinking Model w/ 60s Retro text

– Marquee Sign: LED showcase model

– Marquee Sign: Advertising Monitor Model. Displays photos taken from the booth



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