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Offroad Adventure Grizzly

SKU: 982


A Modern Train Ride With An Offroad Theme
Installed Dimensions: Varies by Design, Call
Shipping Dimensions:Varies by Design, Call
Electrical: 110 or 230V @ 3500W. May change depending on track design
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Falgas



Throw yourself into “offroading” fun with the Offroad Adventure Grizzly “Off Roading / 4×4” Themed Family Attraction Train Ride. It is a real kiddie train, replete with 4×4 vehicle seats that ride along real tracks!

Each Offroad Adventure Grizzly train ride cart features five seats, which under optimal conditions means that it can handle up to 240 persons per hour! The unit is built in accordance with (CE) European safety standards in the EU.

One unique feature that helps set this apart from other train rides in its class is that each vehicle comes with a video screen for a multimedia feed during each ride. Complimented with a digital sound package and excellent LED lighting, this adds an extra dimension of fun meaning higher earnings! Operators can also choose from three different safety barrier designs consisting of either Stones, Rivers or Tree Trunks.

Additional ride options include, but are not limited to, several different circuit/track design possibilities(do a circle, an oval, or liven it up with several curves along the course); additional vehicles (best for longer tracks), adapted tracks, standard and custom thematic decorations and safety barrier modules. Give us a call today for more details!

The Falgas Offroad Adventure Grizzly Train Features:

– This is more than just a ride – it’s an attraction!

– Offroading theme stands out among train ridesgrizzlytrainschematic

– Detailed 4×4 carts can seat up to five (5) riders at once

– Carts also include safety belts (1 per seat), push button sound effects, mounted steering wheels in the front seat and a video screen.

– A fun and educational video plays during the duration of the ride

– LED lighting and digital sounds

– Manufactured to CE safety and electrical standards

– Two pre-defined track designs available; Standard (3 carts) & Luxe (4 carts; designed pictured right). Operators may also purchase additional track to build a custom circuit.

– Winner of Sapir’s Crystal Wheel Award for the ‘ Best Attraction of 2014’

NOTE: All rides by Falgas must ship from the factory in Spain; there is no stock presently available in the United States. Please allow for additional weeks to the shipment time along with overseas shipping and related customs costs. If you have any questions about this process, please give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have!

Additional Options – Please Call For Price

– Additional track pieces (available in curved and straight tracks)

– Additional carts

– Custom themed barriers and/or cart paint jobs

– Additional track decorations

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