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Monkey Shake Down

SKU: 1007


A Unique Blend Of Physical And Video Play With A Fun Family Theme
Installed Dimensions: Height: 86.5″, Width: 43.5″, Depth: 61″ Weight: 441 lbs.
Electrical: 110V (220v available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)



Monkey Shake Down pushes players to use fast reactions, timing and skill in this 1-2 player video redemption meets physical action game. Your goal is to try and stop the monkeys from stealing the bananas by pushing the sliding balls into the targets underneath the monitor.

Monkey Shake Down features 3 levels of play where the monkeys are climbing the tree to reach the bananas at the top. Slide the six colored balls to the top of the playfield to ‘shake’ each tree by hitting the targets. Defeat the Ape King boss to win the Bonus!

Monkey Shake Down videmption game

What Makes Monkey Shake Down Special?

– Exclusive to arcades with a control element that can never be properly replicated by home devices
– Video game meets electromechanical fun with unique sliding ball controls
– 1-2 player family game with a fun jungle theme
– 3 fun and entertaining levels with Ape King boss to defeat for the bonus
– 42“ LCD monitor
– Striking marquee display with attractive LED lights
– Operator adjustable ticket payouts
– Includes 2 coin slots and a ticket dispenser for each player. Card swipe ready

Check out Monkey Shake Down in action (manufacturer produced video):

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