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Mini Hollywood Studio


Setup Your Own Green Screen Studio And Stand Out!
Installed Dimensions: H: 96″ W (short end): 44″ W (long end): 120″ D: 160″
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 120V
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 year via the factory; 2 year plan also available
Manufacturer: Reality Entertainment Video

Reinvent the out-of-home birthday party with the Mini Hollywood Studio, an innovative new product by Reality Entertainment Video.

The Mini Hollywood Studio is a pop-up, green screen filming studio designed to go into similar locations as a photo booth. This makes it great for both fixed venues and special events, rentals, parties and more. If you have a little available space (10′ x 13′), you can operate this product.

Each Studio comes with two primary components – the Live Experience user station and the green screen enclosure structure.

The user station is an easy-to-use, fully automated kiosk featuring two screens. The top screen measures at 40″ and shows the green screen effects and the users in real time while the smaller 27″ HD touchscreen serves as the interface for selecting the various options and effects. This kiosk can be coin or card operated and has been designed to work without the need of an attendant. This unit also features a sound system to play music (use the defaults or add your own) that also entertains and guides the users throughout the filming process. There are 50 films to choose from, with the option to have Reality Entertainment Video to create your own unique clip for an additional cost.

The enclosure structure serves as the “studio” walls, containing the chroma key/green screen background and floor, branded exterior walls that is also made out of fireproof canvas, the lighting system and the structure to hold a large external monitor so waiting participants can watch the fun going on inside. These structures are available in two styles, “Cartoons Videos Clips” for kids & teens or the “Crazy Video Booth”, which is targeted towards teens & adults.

Mini Hollywood studio enclosure structures

Add a Mini Hollywood Studio to your venue today and begin standing out!

Reality Entertainment Video’s Mini Hollywood Studio Features:

– Pop-up green screen video studio that films participants as they interact with different scenes

– 50 different scenes to choose from

– Users receive a download link of their video via email; operators can capture e-mails for use in future marketing

– Fully automated system requires no attendant to operate and can handle 1-5 users at a time (capable of 25 groups per hour)

– User station features a 40″ 1080p screen to instruction users on what to do; a second 27″ 1080p touchscreen for selecting options

– User station available in red or black

– Enclosure structure has two entrances (one on each side near the front) and also comes with a second 40″ 1080p display for external viewing

– Operators can brand videos with their logo

– Get unlimited email marketing for an additional monthly cost

– Includes a coin-operated system

– Ask about customization options!


Check back for a video of the Mini Hollywood Studio in action!

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