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Mega Shot



The Most Realistic Light-gun Shooter In Arcades
Installed Dimensions(Single): H: 96″ W: 54″ D: 94″ Weight: CALL
Installed Dimensions(Double): H: 96″ W: 80″ D: 94″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V / 220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: JET Games Corp.



Add a realistic gun training game to your location with Mega Shot by JET Games.

Mega Shot follows Quick Shot and Big Shot, but true to its name, it’s even bigger and badder than its cousins. Available in a single screen or a double-screen configuration (double pictured), players take control of a realistic rifle to dispatch the on-screen virtual targets.

This rifle is no ordinary controller. Machined out of aluminum, and using a realistic grip and a real gun scope, this provides the most realistic representation for such gameplay you can find on the market today. Force feedback is provided to both connected guns via air compression. Just the look alone will draw people in to give it a play.

The software is similar to the classic Police Trainer arcade game. There are three scenarios that will put your accuracy and speed shooting skills to the test. This includes hitting targets in an abandoned warehouse scenario and battling against terrorists in an urban setting. To play best, players need to use a combination of the real scope and the virtual zoom (activated by the button on the gun).

JET Games’ Mega Shot Features

  • Skill shooting video game that is exclusive to arcades
  • Available in two models: Single Screen or Double Screen
  • Realistic rifle controller, machined out of aluminum
  • Force feedback provided by an air compressor
  • Button to activate virtual zoom mode
  • Real gun scope is mounted to the top of the gun
  • 2 controllers share the screen (Single Screen) or get their own (Double Screen)
  • 1 or 2 85″ 4K screens, depending upon the model
  • Three game scenarios to choose from, which can be played competitively
  • Powerful sound system engages players
  • Scoring leaderboards
  • Coin or card swipe ready; Please specify which you need when ordering

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