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Lane Master Xtreme



A Fast Paced Hybrid-Video Bowling Experience
Installed Dimensions: H: 104.5″ W: 65″ D: 113″ Weight: 1290lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V / 220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: UNIS



The sequel to Lane Master is here and it is taking things to another level in Lane Master Xtreme by UNIS.

Like its predecessor, Lane Master Xtreme challenges players to video bowling by using small, alley bowler (“skeeball”) sized balls that are rolled down the lane and underneath a video screen. Once the ball passes the sensors, the speed, spin, and direction of the ball is translated into the virtual world, striking the bowling pins seen on the screen.

As implied by the ‘Xtreme’ title however, this sequel kicks things up a notch! Since bowling tends to be a little slower paced than the typical arcade game, UNIS has made Lane Master Xtreme go beyond standard 10-frame bowling and instead features waves, where each successive wave adds an increased number of virtual bowling pins to the lane, and pins are replaced instantly after each throw is complete. The player wants to knock out as many as they can before the general timer reaches zero; Scoring is determined by the total number of pins hit, plus any bonus point multipliers. After each game, players are rewarded with tickets based on that score performance. Spin the Prize Spinner for a chance to win bonus tickets or even a Power Ball Prize!

Power Ball Prizes are a unique new addition to the game, although they are optional for operators to purchase. If included, a hopper is installed at the front center of the lanes. When a Power Ball is dispensed, players scan the QR code printed on the ball at the start of a game to unlock special game-enhancing perks. Players can keep/collect Power Balls if they wish.

Check out Lane Master Xtreme from this manufacturer produced video. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for a hands-on look with this later this year.


UNIS’ Lane Master Xtreme Features

– A sequel to UNIS’ popular Lane Master hybrid video arcade game

– Uses a “1980’s retrowave” aesthetic in game and with the cabinet look

– Standout wide marquee

– 1-2 players as each unit ships with two lanes connected as one piece

– RGB LEDs for attract and gameplay lighting; Mesmerizing lighting effects are built into each lane

– Vertically oriented 49″ HD LCD screens show the game action

– Fast-paced wave-based gameplay

– Digital music & sounds pumped through a 2ch stereo system on each lane

– Physical or eTicket ready (please specify what is needed at time or purchase)

– Coin or card swipe ready (please specify what is needed at time or purchase)

Additional Options – Please Call For Price

– Power Ball Feature (comes with screen, scanner, and hopper)

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