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Kickboxer - Boxing & Soccer Game


Benefit from having both a boxing and a soccer machine in one package!
Installed Dimensions: H: 88 1/2″ W: 51″ D: 57″ Weight: 408lbs.
Electrical: 100-120V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jakar




Sure boxing machines are fun but why not add a little kick to them as well?

That’s exactly what you get with the versatile Kickboxer by Jakar. This offers the standard punching bag arcade experience but builds on the appeal by integrating a soccer kicking machine with it too! Players chose which experience they want to participate in by the start button that they push – the boxing start button is located on the top piece near the punching bag while the kicker start button is located on the right hand side of the machine near the coin mechanism. Both start buttons are clearly labeled.

Check out Kickboxer in action (manufacturer video)

Like Jakar’s other boxing products, this unit supports up to four players (insert credits first then push the appropriate start button up to four times), tracking the high scores for each as well as the overall record for the day. With such versatility you are going to come away the winner!

JAKAR’s Kickboxer Features:

– Combines a boxing strength testing machine with a soccer kicker

– Separate start buttons for each sport

– 1-4 players choose either sport that they wish to compete in

– The punching bag & bladder as well as the soccer ball are made out of high-quality materials that are meant for commercial use

– LED light show as well as a sound package lets the player know who well they did

– Additional padding is placed around each rod for extra safety

– Red numerical LED displays show number of available credits, current score, current high score and per player score

– European CE certified

– Available in red or white


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