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A Carnival Style Hoop Tossing Redemption Game
Installed Dimensions: H: 110″ W: 45″ D: 95″
Shipping Dimensions: 100″ x 48″ x 87″ Weight: 910lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 6A (220V@3A available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) / Sega Amusements



Sega Amusements & ICE have joined forces to boost ICE’s line-up of “carnival skill wall” games with Hoopla, a fun & physical redemption game that is entertaining for all ages.

Joining the likes of ICE’s Milk Jug Toss, Down The Clown, Bean Bag Toss and more, Hoopla taps into simple carnival/midway fun. Hoopla features a brightly lit eye-catching cabinet with colorful carnival theming, a conveyor belt that constantly feeds the player more hoops and a lowered wide playfield allows parents and kids, or friends to team up, creating a space for shared enjoyment.

Check out Hoopla in action from our visit to IAAPA 2017. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Players are tasked with landing as many golden hoops onto the seven pegs that they can before the timer runs out. The more hoops that land on the pegs, the more tickets you win. Cover all seven pegs within the time limit to advance to the thrilling bonus round. The player has only one chance to time the toss of the hoop with the moving light, and land it on the hook as it is lit. Achieve this and the posted ticket bonus is yours!

REFURBISHED STOCK: 11/6/23! – An older Hoopla unit is currently available from a PrimeTime operated location in Florida. Each will go through our Certified Pre-Owned refurbishing program before shipping to you. Please call for pricing and lead time.

Sega & ICE’s Hoopla Features:

– Part of ICE’s top earning “Carnival Skill Wall” series of games

– Fantastic cabinet with bold red & yellow colors & RGB LED T-Molding along the edges

– 100% skill based gameplay

– Seven (7) pegs to aim for, each with multi-color LEDs & a sensor to indicate a correct throw

– Comes with 3D molded hoops/rings; fed to the player’s reach with an automatic conveyor based reloading system

– Digital music & sounds play during the game and/or attract

– Large red numerical LED display shows the current bonus (operator adjustable)

– Ships with a single ticket dispenser

– Ships with a dual-slot coin door but can be adapted for card swipe on customer request

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Bonus Marquee for 2 banked units

– 220V power

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