• Gridiron Blitz video redemption arcade game by Bay Tek Games

Gridiron Blitz


Installed Dimensions: H: 104.5 W: 57″ D: 84″ Weight: 540 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 85″ W: 42″ D: 64″ Weight: 600 lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bay Tek Games


Are you ready for some football? Get pumped to play with Bay Tek’s physically interactive football arcade game Gridiron Blitz.

Gridiron Blitz brings intense football training to the fun environment of the arcade. It’s very easy to play – simply position your feet over the L and R foot pad spots and when it says “READY!… SET!… GO!”, start to run in place to make your player on the screen run through the tires before the clock runs out. Occasionally you will come to a JUMP barrier, where you have to jump with both feet to keep going. The faster you can reach the end zone, the more points and thus tickets you win! Featuring three levels that increase in difficulty; complete all three within the time limit to win that jackpot ticket bonus!

Check out Gridiron Blitz in action from IAAPA 2015

Bay Tek’s Gridiron Blitz Features:

– Physically interactive and arcade exclusive sporting experience

– Attractive cabinet design with full color spectrum LED fixtures

– Train for the gridiron at the arcade – it’s one of the most fun workouts you’ll have!

– The 3D graphics are displayed on a big, vertically mounted 60″ HD screen

– Easy to play  – just run in step with the tires on the screen; jump when barriers appear

– Humorous additions of mascots to distract you from your end zone goal

– Operator adjustable ticket payouts & bonus jackpot

– Includes a standard coin slot & ticket dispenser; card swipe ready


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