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Great American Bumper Pool (Coin / Non-Coin)

SKU: 721


It’s pool with a fun twist! Available in coin or non-coin.
Installed Dimensions: Width: 41.5″, Length: 57.5″ Weight: 350 lbs
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Great American Recreation Equipment

Coin Model: BP (E,L,M)
Non-Coin Model: BPH



Enjoy the unique gameplay that bumper pool offers with one of Great American’s fine quality Bumper Pool tables.

The idea of bumper pool idea is like a cross between pool, pinball and air hockey. There are only two goals on the playfield surface and each player has a set of 5 solid colored balls that they aim to get through their opponents goal. The playfield also has several bumpers integrated into the surface that serve as both barriers and gameplay devices that you can bounce the ball off of to bank your shots. Many amazing trick shots can be done with bumper pool that you don’t see with normal pool! Those bumpers are made from shake-proof washers that combined with the other surface features provides for a tight & fast play surface that will last a long time.

Available in both coin and non-coin models, the only difference between the two is the presence of a coin mechanism which will lock balls into place. Once a game is over, insert coins to unlock the balls from the return and play again. Each table features a regulation-sized 32″ x 48″ playfield and the surface is made from a dual steel one-piece slate draped with professional quality felt. This supports a reliable and flat level playing surface.

See the Boom-A-Rang LED table, along with other Great American products, as a part of this video that was taken of the Great American Recreation booth at IAAPA 2018. Video available in 4K UHD; follow us on YouTube for the latest arcade product updates.

Great American Bumper Pool Table Features:

– A fun twist on traditional pool that includes air hockey & pinball elements and doesn’t take up a lot of space

– Shake-proof washers in the rails, corner pieces & the slate plus high quality bumpers allow each game to play fast & smooth

– Dual steel one-piece 3/4″ slate draped in green felt plus leg levelers allow for a flat playing surface

– High quality cabinet materials and American craftsmanship makes for a beautiful piece to be found in any game room or man cave

– Bumper Pool Regulation size 32″ x 48″ playfield.

– Ball release features double rollers for smoother action and less cabinet wear

– Accessory package with white & red pool balls, cue sticks + chalk included

– Looking for custom colored cloth (blue, red, yellow, etc.)? Ask about pricing!

– Optional Gold Corner & Table Trim Accents (extra cost)

– Coin models include a sliding coin mechanism and are defaulted to $1/play. $2 (8 coin) slider mechs are available. Please specify which cost you would like the table to be set to at the time of order

NEW! LED Lighting Upgrade

For an additional $275, have the factory add RGB LED lighting to your table! this can be added to the sides (as shown) as well as to the bottom of the table for an awesome effect:

Bumper Pool LED upgrade

Check out Great American’s Bumper Pool in action:

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