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Grab-N-Win 60" Two Player Crane


A Traditional Two-player Crane Machine With Cutting Edge, Modern Features!
Installed Dimensions: H: 79″ W: 60″ D: 52″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: H: 84″ W: 62″ D: 52″ Weight: 1050 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 6A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE)




Grab-N-Win by ICE brings world class reliability and quality to a true amusement classic! Put your skills to the test to win one of those great prizes, in the Grab-N-Win’s largest configuration.

The Grab-N-Win’s cabinet features American made, high quality 16 gauge steel, and has high-quality electronics running throughout. That structure is then decorated with full spectrum colored LED lighting and a curved 3D letter marquee. With a sharp appearance and proven reliability, it’s a product that is guaranteed to draw in more play.  The Grab-N-Win also features customizable software that allows the operator to fine tune their settings to fit with their location and business plan. You can then apply those settings via SD card to all of the other cranes along your route.

Check out the Grab-N-Win series of cranes thanks to this manufacturer made video.

Also available in a smaller 42″ package, this is a crane that has been built from the ground up to both last and to earn!

ICE’s Grab-N-Win 60″ Crane Features:

– Timeless crane prize play for Medium or Large sized prizes

– Durable 16 gauge steel cabinet

– Top-quality electronics means more up-time

– Intuitive joystick controls with the claw drop button built right into the top of the stick

– Operator adjustable, full color spectrum LED lighting along the corners (inside and out) as well as in the curved marquee

– Laser cut 3D marquee with color changing LED lights

– Mirrored back enhanced the attraction

– Prize display shelves promote the prize of the day/week/month (operator removable)

– Adjustable playfield height

– Add your own custom audio through the SD card system

– SD card based storage allows you to port the settings of one machine to other Grab-N-Win machines on your route

– 60″ UNITS ONLY: “Winner Every Time” Option. Please ask about pricing

– This listing is for the 60″ wide, 2-player model; 42″ wide, single player models are also available

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