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EXO Drome Interactive Motion Simulator


Interactive & Linkable Motion Simulator With A Variety Of Options
Installed Dimensions: H: 98.5″ W: 138″ D: 138″ Weight: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: SEE BELOW
Electrical: Please Call
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Yotto 5D


The EXO Drome Simulator by Yotto 5D is a new interactive motion simulator attraction with an extensive range of motion for each “ExoJet” seat. Provide a unique attraction to your venue with an Exo Drome today!

The ExoJet seats are tailored to provide a realistic and high-end motion experience. They feature 360° right-left movement and 100° forward-backwards (tilt) movement. They also feature large HD displays, seating for 1-2 riders, joystick controls, a modular design to allow for both hardware and software upgrades, and the ability to link up to 8 units, the Exo Drome will bring prestige to any location that installs one!

Each Exo Drome setup comes with turn-key installation by Yotto’s expert technicians. Please ask about shipping and further installation details.

Shipping Dimensions:

Because these are a little more complex than your typical arcade machine, here are the shipping dimensions. The unit comes in 6 packages, each are:

#1 – 590x315x630 392lbs
#2 – 590x315x630 414lbs
#3 – 590x315x531 915lbs
#4 – 590x315x551 472lbs
#5 – 551x323x465 536lbs
#6 – 832x315x217 324lbs

Yotto 5D’s Exo Drome Features:

– Wide range motion simulator that is fully interactive

– Seats 1-2 players; link up to 8 units

– Action is captured on large 55″ HD, stereoscopic 3D screens. passive 3D glasses included

– Spectator screen allows users passing by or waiting to play to see the game action directly

– German engineered motors move the seat around; cabinet made from high-quality steel and covered in anti-corrosive paint

– All units are controlled by a single management kiosk; ask about enclosure structure & customization options

– Easy to use joystick controls for each player

– Multiple games available; modular design allows for upgrades. Download new Exo Drome titles over the internet!

– CE Certified by TUV Nord

– Custom artwork packages for the enclosure structures are available

– Connectivity to the “Exo Net” allows you to play against Exo Dromes in other locations around the world

– Mobile app available for spectators to further interact with the game while they wait to play

– Additional options available for tournament play

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