• Emerald Treasure by Fun Company

Emerald Treasure


Featuring A Skill Wheel & Compact Design
Installed Dimensions: H 64.5″, W 25.5″, D 24″ Weight: 260 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Fun Company

If you have a location that doesn’t have a lot of space but wants a piece that can maximize earnings, check out the Emerald Treasure coin pusher by Fun Company.

Emerald Treasure features a gem themed cabinet design with attractive, eye-catching LED “Glo” edge lighting. This is further enhanced using infinity mirrors on the sides and neon green plexiglass on the inside of the machine. The “cabinet within a cabinet” design prevents users from shaking the game to cause coins to fall into the payout cup. It’s classic coin pusher design combined with a small footprint making it perfect for just about any street location – bars, truck stops, arcades, etc. Accepts either coins or tokens, customer choice. The top panel where the customer inserts the coins also features two buttons – Start Skill Wheel & Stop Shelf. This makes it a game of skill so that the coin payout prize may not be won with every play.

NOTE: Buyers are required to know and comply with local & state laws/regulations regarding coin pay-out games. It is impossible for us to know these laws as they vary between every city, county & state; consult with a local government official or lawyer familiar with such law in your region before purchasing. PrimeTime Amusements is not responsible for any mis-use, mis-placement or changing laws in regards to these kinds of machines; refunds will not be offered for these cases. Buyers accept that they are fully and wholly responsible for the equipment and its purchase when ordering.

Fun Company’s Emerald Treasure Features:

– Compact footprint makes it an excellent game to place in street locations

– Attractive, chasing LED lighting & infinity mirrors

– “Cabinet-Within-A-Cabinet” design prevents shaking to win free coins.

– User controllable Skill Wheel & Stop Shelf buttons

– Standard operation coin bed with ample space and self-loading

– Easy access to every component of the machine; switching power supply in the top area

– Coin pay out operation

– High security design with a padlock loop on the main door + standard lock

– Ships with a standard two-slot coin door; can be set for quarters or tokens of various sizes. NOT card swipe compatible

– Limited availability. Please call to verify stock

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