• Dido Kart 2 MDDX-2 Twin Model by InJoy Motion

Dido Kart 2 MDX-2


Sequel To InJoy’s Dido Kart Racing Game
Installed Dimensions: H: 96.5″, W: 106.5″, D: 97.5″ Weight: 660 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V @ 850W per car
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Injoy Motion Corp

Following up on their successful efforts with Dido Kart, Injoy Motion has created Dido Kart 2 to offer more cutesy racing action for arcades everywhere.

The cute, distinctive, and colorful animal characters from the world of Dido Racing are back with a few new friends to join them. Dido Kart II utilizes high-definition graphics, realistic physics, and new detailed on-screen character facial expressions to give this game a little more ‘character’. Race through vibrant, interesting worlds while using items you grab along the track to get ahead of your rivals.

InJoy has also engineered the game with their prominent force-feedback steering, a 2-Axis interactive orthogonal motion base and eye-catching LED Cabinet lighting. Thanks to the motion, there is no other kart racer like it on the market!

This game has also been produced in an AIR series model which features a more cost effective motion system.

Injoy Motion’s Dido Kart 2 Features:

– Sequel to InJoy’s Dido Kart, improving on various aspects including graphics and gameplay

– Exclusive to arcades!

– Family friendly theme that is perfect for kids

– Kart style racing with power-up items on the track to change up the dynamics of the race

– Multiple characters and levels to chose from; six tracks total

– Pick between Battle Mode or Time Mode

– 2-axis motion base to recreate a realistic feel of driving a vehicle

– This model, the MDX-2, comes as pictured as a Twin unit. You can connect two MDX-2 units together for up to 4 player action

NOTE: As of 2020, this game is no longer in production. If made available through our Certified Pre-Owned games, we will list it there.


Check out Dido Kart 2 in action:

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