• Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2 Konami Arcade Game For Sale

Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2


Sequel To The Popular Sniper Scope Gun Game
Dimensions: H: 82″ W: 32″ D: 65″ Weight: 570 lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Rating: Red-Label: Life-Like Violence
Condition: Certified Pre-Owned (Refurbished)
Manufacturer: Konami


Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2 is a great sequel to a popular hit arcade title Silent Scope.

Developed by Konami and released in 2000, this sequel features all new missions, exciting new x-ray and thermal vision and 3 play modes: Story Mode, Shooting Range, and Duel mode. It still features the unique mounted sniper gun with a usable scope up top. This scope has an LCD display inside of it that offers a zoomed in view of where the gun is pointed.

Story Mode continued the Silent Scope story as you must stop terrorists from wreaking havoc with a missile launch. This includes boss battles and great locations such as the Tower Bridge in London. Enemies will often show up in unexpected locations so you have to keep a sharp eye open.

The Shooting Range is just like the name states – you can hone your sniping skills by hitting the targets that pop-up on the range. This features targets both close and very far away.

Duel Mode is for linked machines. Silent Scope 2 allows for linked play so users can team up in the story mode or battle each other in the Duel Mode

Konami’s Silent Scope 2 Features

– Sequel to the very popular Silent Scope

– Unique mounted sniper rifle with integrated LCD display in the scope

– New missions, vision modes and 3 modes of play

– Connect two units together for co-op or competitive play

– Restore health by finding a nurse and keeping her in your sights

– 3D graphics are powered by Konami’s “Hornet” arcade system. The Scope LCD is powered by a separate graphics board.

– As this does not require a CRT to operate, we can convert it to a modern LCD. Ask about pricing!

– Red-Label Game for Life-Like Violence

– Konami’s Silent Scope 2 is no longer produced, having been released in 2000. Please call us about availability. All used models pass through PrimeTime Amusement’s “Certified Pre-Owned” program, which guarantees that the game will be completely refurbished and ready to operate upon arrival.

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