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Cotton Candy Factory


Fresh Cotton Candy Without The Need For An Attendant
Installed Dimensions: H: 75.5″ W: 36″ D: 29.5″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Smart Industries




Want to run a cotton candy operation, but without the need of having to man a booth? Then check out this amazing cotton candy vending machine by Smart Industries.

The Cotton Candy Factory was developed for simple operation and serviceability, while providing a superior product that customers will want to come back to again and again. The cabinet and interior pieces are made from quality stainless steel, that provides for a modern look while making it easy to keep clean.  This is further bolstered by a patented “self-cleaning” system that cleans both the bowl and the unit after every 10 vends to prevent sticky build-ups that can impair product quality.

After inserting the required money, customers are treated to a fun music show as the machine spins delicious, fresh and light cotton candy in full view. The spin head assembly runs at 3200 RPM, which combined with specially tested temperature settings cooks the sugar to perfection – not too much to burn it, not too little to make it grainy, but just right!

The Cotton Candy Factory produces approximately 300 vends per load. The cost for a single vend is $0.15, which is broken down as: 25g of sugar at $0.02 (average) and one stick at $0.13. Use flavored sugars or dyes to give it some color, or just keep it original!

Smart Industries’ Cotton Candy Factory Features:

– Get fresh & delicious cotton candy from this fully automated vending experience

–  Sturdy cabinet is made from 14 gauge steel; food surface parts from 16 gauge steel

– Low cost per vend to operators makes for an awesome ROI!

– Happy music plays during each vend to keep the customer entertained

– Decals provide for a welcoming look; vend instructions also printed on the front

– To use: Insert required amount of money; Press Start; Wait & listen to the music; Collect your fresh cotton candy!

– Tempered safety glass allows buyers to see the mechanisms work their magic

– T-Handle 3 point security system & locking coin box to keep the innards safe

– Includes an internal audit system & LED credit/timer display

– Electronic coin comparator included; DBA & credit card reader ready

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