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Cosmic XL S


A Hybrid Prize/Ticket Redemption Claw Machine In A Smaller Size!
Installed Dimensions: H: 100.5″ W: 59″ D: 69″ Weight: 937 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Elaut USA




Have you wanted to tap into the incredible earning power of Elaut’s Cosmic XL crane machine, but don’t have the height space to install one? Then you’ll be interested in the Cosmic XL S!

All of the features that are found in the Cosmic XL are found with this machine are found with the XL S. The basis for both Cosmic XL models are designed with the same reliable “E-Claw” technology found in Elaut’s other modern cranes. First, it is a crane/claw machine, featuring a large “O” sized claw that is capable of grabbing large plush items. Players control the claw using a dual joystick system; the stick on left is for vertical (back & forth) movement while the right stick is for side-to-side movement. Two buttons are available, one for dropping the claw, the other for playing the bonus ticket game.

Check out the standard Cosmic XL model as seen at IAAPA 2017.

That bonus ticket game is the second part of the appeal to each Cosmic XL crane machine, making this a hybrid prize & ticket redemption game!

Elaut USA’s Cosmic XL S Features:

– Smaller version of the Cosmic XL claw machine that can fit into more locations

– Two-in-One Game – a Jumbo crane AND a ticket redemption piece

– Attractive & open cabinet design allows users to see the prizes from each side of the game

– Patented full spectrum RGB LED lighting technology

– Jumbo-sized claw means jumbo prizes – Size 6 (approx. 55 cm) toys

– “E-Claw” system electronics for superior reliability & up-time

– Control panel : Choose between push buttons or standard joystick (UPON PURCHASE)

– Digital sounds & music pumped through high fidelity speakers

– Secure storage box to house additional prizes on-site

– Comes with THREE high-capacity ticket dispensers

– Superior ROI compared to other cranes

– Coin or card swipe operated (please specify when purchasing)

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Animated wheel with various pre-labeled ticket values

– Need an even BIGGER crane? Check out the X-Treme Big One also by Elaut.

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