• Candy Crane 24" by Smart Industries

Candy Crane 24″ Crane

Attractive, Affordable And Secure Crane Machines
Installed Dimensions: H: 64″, W: 24″, D: 27″ Weight: 167lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 71″, W: 28″, D: 32″ Weight: 225lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Smart Industries

Affordable and compact, the 24″ Candy Crane series by Smart Industries is perfect for pretty much any commercial location.

Offer a wide variety of sweets & candies, using a scoop style claw instead of the fingers. Smart’s Candy Cranes are available in yellow or black, feature red, blue and green LED lights in each corner. Operators can also offer a “winner every time” approach that keeps your customers coming back for more. Any of these units can also be converted into a Bean Bag Crane.

Smart Industries Candy Crane 24″ Features:

– Attractive and bright artwork makes for an appealing machine in any venue
– 3 Finger Scoop Claw
– Standard 4-way Joystick & 1 button controls
– Red numerical LED Credit/Timer Display
– Multi-colored Rope Light Corners with speed & pattern control
– Great security features including: 18 gauge steel console; steel security padlock tabs; tamper resistant / coat hanger proof; tempered safety glass and an independent locking coin box.
– “Play Till You Win” option (On/Off Dip Switch setting)
– Prize Hole: 5.5″ x 8″ with Prize Detection System
– Fun digital sounds
– California Legal
– Customers can select Black or Yellow decal design at the time of order
– Ships with a single electronic coin mechanism; DBA ready

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Custom Artwork
– 2 Finger Scoop Claw Assembly
– Jewelry crane option
– Small Claw Assembly
– 220 Volt AC Transformer
– Dual Coin Mechs (DBA not available when using dual coin mechs)
– Dollar Bill acceptor (DBA) With 300 Bill Stacker (Pyramid / ICT / MEI)
– US/Canadian w/ 400 Stacker CoinCo
– Looney/Twoney Coin Mech (only available with dual coin mechs)

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