• Skittle Ball by OK Manufacturing

Skittle Ball


A Unique Game To Play For Prizes
Installed Dimensions: H: 79″, W: 24″, D: 56″ Weight: 370lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: OK Manufacturing


Skittle Ball is an incredible instant prize redemption game, designed and made in the USA by OK Manufacturing!

Offering something akin to skeeball / alley bowlers but in a much more compact package, Skittle Ball challenges players to use their skills to try and win prizes. Using a pinball-like ball launcher as your controller, you can aim left or right within the playfield to go for the different labelled ‘skeeball’ style targets above.  Customers will give Skittle Ball a try again and again, honing their skills as they shoot for the large prizes. Operators can vend three different sizes of prizes: small (1 inch product), medium (2 inch product) and large (4 inch product). Suitable for all ages!

Skittle Ball is also produced in a tickets only model.

OK Manufacturing’s Skittle Ball Features:

– Electro-mechanical prize redemption play

– Compact size fits just about anywhere!

– Pinball style ball plunger

– Targets are setup similar to a “skeeball” alley bowler game

– Play for different value prizes – small/medium/large

– Winner Every Time play

– Digital music & sounds

– Locking caster wheels

– Rope light controls

– Easy to restock & maintain

– Also available in a ticket dispenser model

– Ships with a standard coin slot; DBA ready

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