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i-Jump Street

SKU: 457


With A Vertically Moving Hoop
Installed Dimensions: H 130″, W 37″, D 93″ Weight: 565lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica Ltda



Bring street basketball indoors and put your hoop shooting skills to the test like never before with i-Jump Street by Imply!

The i-Jump Street offers arcade basketball excitement but with it’s own unique twists. It does sport standard features for an arcade basketball machine such as large size, a moving hoop, multiple rounds and  the ability to link multiple units together for thrilling competitions. What the i-Jump does differently than most titles on the market is with how the hoop moves. Instead of the typical side-to-side movement, the board moves vertically! Three height levels will test the skills of each player as they attempt to take the high score. Link two units together to fire up the competitive spirit among your customers and watching the earnings skyrocket!

Please note that the cabinet is a bit taller than most basketball machines (130″ in height) and ships this way without being able to be set lower. Make sure to verify the height of your location as well as the entry ways before purchasing!

Imply’s i-Jump Street Features:

– Distinctive cabinet design with a street basketball art theme

– Vertically moving basketball hoop with three height levels

– Large metal fence cage helps keep balls within the game

– Three rounds of play with siren sounds at the beginning and end of each phase

– Digital music & sound effects are pumped through “boombox” style speakers

– Red LED light bars shows how many points remain to reach the next round

– Red numerical LED displays show current score & score remaining for next round

– Red Dot Matrix display shows shot clock & other game information

– Ships with five standard size basketballs

– Link two units together

– Coin or card swipe ready; please specify which payment acceptance is needed at time of order


See how the i-Jump Works with this manufacturer made video:

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