• Prize Hoops basketball game, Stacker conversion kit by Team Play Inc.

Prize Hoops


Stacker Conversion Kit Video Game
Installed Dimensions: H 78″ x W 27″ x L 30″ Weight: 375lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Team Play Inc.


Has your old “Stacker” become a slacker? Then convert it into a new money-making champion that will turn your location into a winner with Prize Hoops by Team Play!Prize Hoops truly is a game of skill. Using a single button to control the game, the player has to time each shot so that the ball will land in the path of the on-screen moving hoops. Faster moving hoops require more skillfully timed shots. Depending on the shots you make, you win the prizes at that level. This means that you can better comply with local regulations regarding instant prize redemption gaming – this game uses no percentages!

Check out Prize Hoops in action from Amusement Expo 2013.

Each Prize Hoops redemption game kit includes a 24″ high definition LCD monitor, a fully-assembled video game hardware system, a complete graphics package for your redemption game cabinet, and all buttons, cabling and mounting hardware. You also can order an optional Backboard and Hoop video game Topper with LED lights to make it more of an attraction piece. Read about the full kit list here (PDF)

Team Play’s Prize Hoops Features:

– Conversion kit for popular and abundant “Stacker” machines that were originally produced by LAI Games

– Converts the Stacker into a true, skill-based video game that you play for prizes

– Button based play makes it simple for players of all ages; Two buttons to move your character; one for taking a shot

– Easy installation – only takes about an hour to convert. No drilling or no wire splicing are required!

– On-screen moving hoops provide an excellent challenge – no “rigged” percentages built into the game

– Kit includes: 24″ HD display; complete artwork package; new buttons/cabling/mounting hardware; complete hardware system (motherboard, I/O, HDD & power supply)

– If you could offer a certain prize in a Stacker, you can still offer it with Prize Hoops!

 Available Options – Please Call For Pricing

– Backboard & Hoop Topper w/ LED lighting



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