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Hang From The Bar The Longest, Prove Your Mettle!
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Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kalkomat

How’s your stamina? Find out with Kalkomat’s Cliffhanger machine!

The Cliffhanger has been designed by one of the leaders in the boxing arcade game industry, and uses a similar concept to drive interest and play. Instead of customers competing to see who has the strongest punch, this challenges them to see who has the greatest stamina! Just like boxers, you’ll see a huge take at the cash box, but no need to constantly be replacing any bags or bladders.

The concept is super simple – the customer inserts a credit, then grabs onto the pull bar with both hands. The timer begins, and then it’s a matter of time to see how long they can hang there. The moment you let go, it’s game over. Other customers will gather around to watch, then when that customer is done, the next will step right up. This also includes a score to drive the competitive spirit further.

Kalkomat’s Cliffhanger Features

– Timeless, physical gameplay that challenges users on their ability to hold on and tough it out

– No punching or kicking the machine – just hang from the bar, making for less needed maintenance and noise

– Incredible ROI – perfect for fairs, bars, sports arenas, gyms – anywhere a boxer makes money, this will too!

– Comes in a high gloss, bright red, all steel cabinet

– Sturdy, reinforced pull-up bar

– Backlit LED timer marquee to highlight the time goals

– Red numerical LED displays for score, timer and credits

– Speaker for digital music and vocals

– Secure keyed access for game internals and cash box

– Electronic coin comparator can be programmed to take a variety of coins

– Optional ticket dispenser

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