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Carousel Grand Prix Mix Kiddie Ride

SKU: 971


Carousel Fun Without Breaking The Bank!
Installed Dimensions: H: 63″, W: 67″, D: 67″ Weight: 441lbs
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V/220V @ 360W
Warranty: 2 Year Factory
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Falgas



Choose your preferred mode of transport and ride with Grand Prix Mix carousel kiddie ride by Falgas!

The Grand Prix carousels were designed in four different configurations: The Airplane model; the Car model; the Motorbike model and a Mix unit (this listing). This model features one of each of the other models,a single Airplane, Car and Motorbike seat. This variety allows children the chance to ride on something that might better appeal to them, each seat being comfortable and vibrant in appearance. The airplane and car seats have a moving steering wheel that the child can interact with while the motorcycle seat, uses a pair of handle bars that the child can use to hold on and lean into the ‘wind’ as their imagination takes over.

Check out the Grand Prix Carousel in action via this manufacturer produced video

Each ride comes with other standard Falgas ride features including: MP3 Digital Sounds, LED Lighting, weather-resistant construction for indoor/outdoor operation; support for 5 languages (English (Standard), Spanish, French, German and Italian) and an Emergency Stop Button.

Falgas’ Carousel Grand Prix Mix Kiddie Ride Features:

– Another fantastic design by the kiddie ride masters at Falgas

– Mix model – features one of each available seat!

– Three seats setup in a carousel/merry-go-round format

– Steering wheels are attached to each seat excepting the Motorbike

– Digital sounds and programmable MP3 music

– Several LED light fixtures add to the attraction

– Emergency stop motion button in the event of a problem

– Weather-resistant design allows this to be installed outdoors!

– Built-in support for five languages: English (Standard), Spanish, French, German and Italian

– Coin operated

– Also available with Car, Airplane or a mixture of the three seats

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