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Carnival Park



A Compacted Version Of The Popular XD Dark Ride
Installed Dimensions: TBD
Shipping Dimensions: TBD
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jennison Entertainment Technologies



Add a carnival themed carousel to your location or route with Carnival Park by Jennison Entertainment Technologies.

The Carnival Park ride distills the classic carousel experience into a small three seat ride. This maximizes appeal for kids while taking up little physical space. Each seat is modeled after a pony and put on a swivel base; They also feature foot rests and attractive lighting. The ride is also designed for Plug ‘n Play use, where it is ready to go upon delivery!

Jennison Entertainment’s Carnival Park Features:

– A carousel (“merry-go-round”) ride designed with a classic early 1900s look

– The fiberglass exterior is molded and painted with excellent detail

– Attractive canopy topper

– LED lighting adds additional appeal to the ride’s aesthetic

– Three (3) molded pony seats, each on a swivel base

– Uses slow motion base rotation to ensure a safe ride

– Plays digital music & sounds during the ride, also based on classic carousel music

– Plug’N Play ready out of the box; Operators can still easily adjust cost and other options

– Coin operated; DBA ready

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