• Bottle Hammer Strength Tester By Jakar

Bottle – Hammer Strength Tester


Heat things up with this interesting hammer strength tester
Installed Dimensions: H: 94.5″ W: 31.5″ D: 57″ Weight: 275 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V (220V available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jakar

If you have been to an amusement park then you have certainly seen those hammer games that test’s a player’s strength. Now you can add one to any venue but without needing an attendant!

The Bottle hammer strength tester by Jakar was designed to bring that carnival style game to a wider range of venues. The cabinet is shaped like a glass bottle while a thermometer decorates the front to show players how ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ their hammer strike happens to be. The harder you hit the anvil with the mallet, the ‘hotter’ your score gets!

Jakar’s Bottle Hammer Strength Tester Features:

– Offer a carnival style game without the need for an attendant (coin-operated)

– Compelling cabinet design draws attention thanks to the unique shape and bright artwork

– Operable indoors or outdoors; European CE certified

– Included mallet is light enough for young people to use

– Thermometer strength meter is lit with LEDs; temperatures shown in both Fahrenheit and Celsius

– Red numerical LED displays show current credits inserted; your current score as well as the record

– Critical and Funny voice overs incentivize play

– Various operator options to change pricing, difficulty, volume, diagnostics, etc.

– Ships with an electronic coin acceptor

– Custom cabinet art available at an extra cost:

Bottle Hammer Strength Tester With Disney's Frozen design

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