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Bop 2 Win

SKU: 950


Skill Based Clown Punching Game Play
Installed Dimensions: H: 44″, W: 39″, D: 80″ Weight: 320lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 115V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Family Fun Companies



The Bop 2 Win ticket redemption game by Family Fun Companies is a zany concept in play-for-ticket gaming.

As with other redemption concepts, it is a simple game. Players are rewarded for punching the teasing clown in their big red nose with a large red boxing glove. Behind the heckling clown’s head are a number of backlit scores that change, so this also is a game about timing. The clown will keep egging the player on, incentivizing a better  blow to the nose for a more victorious win! All it takes is one press of the Big Red button and victory is yours!

Family Fun Companies’ Bop 2 Win Features:

– Bright and colorful clown themed game

– 3D sculpted clown head & hands

– Realistic boxing glove mechanism, controlled by a large red button

– Easy for kids and adults alike to enjoy – skill based play w/ single button operation

– 4-digit red numerical LED display shows the current jackpot value

– Ticket dispenser included

– Ships with a standard 2-slot coin door


Check out Family Fun Companies’ Bop2Win in action from the IAAPA 2017 trade show event. Available to watch in 4K HD!

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