• Blaster ticket redemption game by Benchmark Games



Fire The Crystal Balls Into The Targets For Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 85″, W: 35.5″, D: 42″ (1 Player) Weight: 415 lbs.
Height w/ Top Spin Marquee: 111″ Weight w/ marquee: 505lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Warranty: 1 Year Full via the factory
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Benchmark Games

Shoot all the lights out to win tickets in the Blaster Redemption Game by Benchmark Games.

In Blaster, players just aim and fire the “Blaster” to propel “Crystal Cannon Balls” towards the lit targets at the back. Those crystal balls are constantly rotating around the playfield, giving the player ample opportunity to find a good shot while creating a unique game display effect. The Extra Shot When Lit target rewards you with 2 additional shots if you hit it. Knock out all of the lights to advance to the Super Bonus round and then knock out all of the lights there to win the Super Bonus!  Sporting a brightly lit cabinet, unique marquee and excellent LED Lighting, Blaster will draw out players in any location.

What Makes Blaster Special?

– Another unique game concept from the creative minds at Benchmark Games

– Pinball style play as you try and knock the “crystal balls” into the lit targets

– Rounded firing device allows you to skillfully aim your shots

– Constantly moving conveyor belt keeps available balls at your disposal to fire

– The rotating 3D marquee is placed inside of the game to draw attention to the unit

– Super Bonus can reward players with hundreds of tickets; topper featured an LED display showing the current Super Bonus value

– Large red numerical LED display shows current number of shots the player has remaining for their turn

– All cabinet lighting is achieved through long-lasting LEDs

– Easy-to-use single button control

– Ships with an Imonex ticket dispenser; capable of holding up to 18,000 tickets which means more up-time and earnings!

– Includes a pair of quality coin comparators

– Also available in 2 and 3-player models. Dimensions:

Height: 85″, Width: 71″, Depth: 42″ (2 Player)
Height: 85″, Width: 106.5″, Depth: 42″ (3 Player)


Check out Blaster in action from our visit to the IAAPA 2013 amusement trade show:

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