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Axe Master


Axe Throwing Arcadified!
Installed Dimensions: H:135″ W:82″ D:188″ Weight: 1829lbs
W/O Marquee, Height is 107″ (~9′)
Shipping Dimensions: 3 pieces
Pallet 1 58x38x81 577 pounds
Pallet 2 80x58x81 452 pounds
Pallet 3 58x38x93 577 pounds
Electrical: 115V @ 5A / 230V available
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bay Tek Entertainment

[NOTE: This is a different listing than the older prize merchandiser that is also known as Axe Master] 

Axe throwing is now an arcade game thanks to Axe Master by Bay Tek Entertainment!

Axe throwing has been a sensation in FECs for a while now, but it tends to require a separate section – and paperwork to sign with an attendant keeping watch – to operate. Now you can run an axe throwing attraction without the need for any of that thanks to Axe Master.

The goal of this game is the same as in standard axe throwing – throw the axes at the target for points, get the most to win. Bullseyes reward the most points, while the further out in the ring the points go down. This game features a video screen that tells customers the current score and offers up prompts for gameplay and machine maintenance.

Where safety is always an issue with these types of games, this also has you covered. Excepting the customer entrances at the sides, the gameplay area features complete fenced barriers, preventing any possibility of ricochets. The axes themselves are made out of “real feel” rubber and not metal, offering no different danger than something like a skeeball.

Here’s Axe Master from its debut at Amusement Expo 2021. Video available in 4K UHD; Subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Bay Tek Entertainment’s Axe Master Features

– Axe throwing continues to grow in popularity – add it to your business without the fuss of an attendant or safety forms!

– Impressive cabinet that stands a little over 11′ tall and is almost 16′ deep

– “Real feel” rubber axes avoids safety issues that metal axes come with

– 32″ HD screen for scoring & game info

– For 1-2 players; Use front panel buttons for player input

– Sensor net detects hits & sticks; Removes any stuck axes between player turns or at game over

– Conveyor belt reloading system

– Gameplay area enclosed with safety walls on both sides

– RGB LED lighting strips integrated into key cabinet points to draw additional attention without overwhelming

– 2x points for coin/card swipe doors. Please specify which acceptance is needed when order.

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