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Apex Rebels



The Apex Of Arcade Racing
Installed Dimensions: H: 96″ W: 61″ D: 110″ Weight: 1080lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Ships in four boxes:
Box #1: H:62″ W:59″ D:36″
Box #2: H:80″ W:60″ D:31″
Box #3: H:31″ W:34″ D:29″
Box #4: H:9″ W:63″ D:24″
Electrical: 110V @ 16.5A / 220V @ 8.5A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements



Dive into high-octane racing excitement with Apex Rebels by Sega Amusements!

Designed in partnership with 3MindWave (who also created ATV Slam, Jumanji, and VR Agent for Sega), Apex Rebels puts players into intense arcade racing action as they drive one of five vehicles across four environments. With graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5, the game has a cutting edge look to it that will also grab attention and best of all, it’s compelling for both casual and hardcore players alike.

As players race, they will pass through checkpoints that best fits with their style of play, unlocking three different skills: Slipstream, Power Drifts, and Aero-Drifts. The Aero-Drift skill provides for the biggest racing advantage, as it allows players to launch into the air and overtaking their ground-based rivals.

Speaking of attention, the game comes in a sleek cabinet, sporting a 65″ LED screen; A wide micro LED marquee that serves as a second display during the game; A live action camera to you can show your Race Face; Force feedback steering; A boost lever; and a pneumatic motion base. Thanks to these features built upon an intelligent game that distinguishes player skill, this has already proven to be a strong earner on location after testing in the UK.

Sega’s Apex Rebels Features

  •  A new arcade exclusive racing experience from the seasoned race veterans at Sega
  • Developed by 3MindWave using Unreal Engine 5 for stunning graphical fidelity
  • Appealing cabinet design, topped with a micro LED video billboard to entice spectators to play
  • LED fixture highlights and molded seats with a supercar look
  • Five race cars to choose from; Four tracks to race
  • Adaptive intelligent difficulty that learns how a player races and adjusts accordingly
  • Graphics are displayed on a quality 65″ 4K LED screen
  • Control the action with force feedback steering; Gas/brake pedals; Skill boost lever
  • Pneumatic motion base for a more immersive driving experience; Includes safety belt and emergency stop button
  • Live camera system actively shows a player’s face during the race (players can deactivate)
  • Link up to four units for multiplayer mayhem
  • Rich sound and catchy music
  • Coin or card swipe ready

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