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Action Soccer (Coin/Non-Coin)

SKU: 610


Rugged Foosball Table Available in Both Coin & Non-Coin Options
Installed Dimensions: H: 34.5″ W: 51″ L: 57″ Weight: 250 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V (for LED lighting kit)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Great American Recreation Equipment



Great American has built a rugged, commercial grade foosball/soccer table that’s hard to beat, or beat up ! Action Soccer is built with the same quality that you find in Great American’s other products, designed to provide years of reliable and uninterrupted service.

Available with angled corner top for single goalie or flat corner top for three goalie operation (please specify at the time of order). The cabinet uses laminate on 1″ MDF core and is available in custom colors. Each playfield figure is made out of high performance counterbalanced polypropylene, with each row of players controlled by medium sized hand grips attached to solid chrome steel rods. Also features an anti-cheat jam proof ball return assembly & removable drawer system for easy access.

Available in both coin & non-coin models.

See the Boom-A-Rang LED table, along with other Great American products, as a part of this video that was taken of the Great American Recreation booth at IAAPA 2018. Video available in 4K UHD; follow us on YouTube for the latest arcade product updates.

Great American Action Soccer Foosball Table Features:

– Super reliable and rugged design means more up-time and little to no hassle

– Great piece to feature in an arcade, bar, break room or man cave

– Figures are mounted to sturdy chrome rods with medium sized handles

– Available in European style (1-goalie, raised corners) or American style (3-goalies, flat corners)

– Medium sized handle grips with solid chrome steel rods

– Removable drawer system for both storage and easy internal access

– Anti-Cheat, jam proof ball return ensures continuous play. User controlled ball launch via holes/ramps on each side

– ABS injected legs with individual leg levelers lets you easily ensure that the game is level for smooth play.

– Ships with a standard 5-slot push coin chute. Factory default is set for quarters at $1.25; can be adjusted to you liking down to 25¢ a play


– LED lighting kit for playfield lighting and under cabinet lighting

– Custom colored laminate or customized artwork

Non-Coin Model:

Action Soccer foosball table non-coin by Great American

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