Magazine Me Mini Photo Booth


Prints (1) 8″ x 10″ Magazine Cover Photo Per Vend
Dimensions: Height: 78″, Width: 29″, Depth: 29″
Weight (lbs): 449
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Apple Industries

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Magazine Me Mini offers users the ability to see themselves on the front cover of 16 different magazines, giving the user the fun of inserting their face of a cover for an exciting personalized memento! As Magazine Me offers only one picture per person, groups tend to spend more money, as they are forced to use it one person at a time.

Users get 25 seconds to choose a magazine style, then 3 takes for the “perfect” picture, then their image scrolls on-screen for review while machine is printing, and then a fun magazine with their face on the cover is vended.

Model in video not the same dimensions as the MINI model. Same functionality.