4x4 Compact Car Kiddie Ride by Falgas

4×4 Compact Offroad Car Kiddie Ride


Support for 5 different languages
Installed Dimensions: Height: 41.3″, Width: 24″, Length: 49.2″ 176 lbs.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Falgas

This bright and colorful compact kiddy car ride by Falgas is a great piece for any location that you operate kiddie rides. Designed for a single child rider, help them live out their imagination of 4-wheeling on off-road terrain.

With LED lighting, speakers to provide fun car sounds and gentle motion, parents will be able to get a great return on their small investment as their little ones enjoy a fun ride.

What Makes The 4×4 Compact Car Kiddie Ride Special?

– Designed by Falgas, a leader in kiddie ride manufacturing
– Car design works in just about any location
– Compact, single rider design doesn’t require a safety harness
– Can be placed indoors or outdoors!
– Two (2) Year factory warranty!
– Operator adjustments for volume, credits charged, ride length
– Built-in support for Five (5) different languages: English (Default), Spanish, French, German and Italian.

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