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Cargo Express


A Train Themed Kiddie Ride
Installed Dimensions: H: 73″ W: 36″ D: 71″
Shipping Dimensions: H: 82″ W: 45″ D: 82″ Weight: 771lbs.
Electrical: 110V/240V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)

Get ready to ride and to learn with Cargo Express, another interactive kiddie ride brought to you by Universal Space.

With it’s attractive train shaped cabinet and multi-color LED lighting, kids are instantly drawn to this piece. When they hop on-board, they find both a kiddie ride and an educational redemption video game in the same package!

For the kiddie ride part of the machine, it offers gentle back-and-forth swaying motion. For the game portion, you have a train-themed edutainment title on the screen, the rider being able to control the speed of the train via the throttle controller. All they have to do is complete the missions to win points and tickets. They can also shoot off fireworks at the touch of a button and change the view if they want.

Check out the Cargo Express via this manufacturer made video

Universal Space’s Cargo Express Interactive Ride Features:

– A kiddie ride, video game and ticket redemption title wrapped up into one!

– Train shaped cabinet with several LED (some solid color, others multi-color) light fixtures made from

– Comfortable bench seating for a single rider

– Edutainment style video game displayed on the HD screen

– Super-simple controls – throttle lever and a Fireworks and View Change button

– Gentle swaying motion

– Ticket dispenser included

– Coin or card swipe compatible (please specify upon purchase)

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