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Zap! Attack



Knock Those Pesky Aliens Out
Installed Dimensions: H: 80″ W: 33″ D: 102″
Shipping Dimensions:TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Benchmark Games International / Elaut USA



Blast the invading aliens and win tickets in Zap! Attack by Benchmark Games.

Zap! Attack hearkens back to carnival midway and pre-video game era arcade gaming, thanks to it’s giant “Zapper 9000” air-powered cannon and real alien head targets. After crediting up, take aim with the Zapper 9000 and pull the trigger to fire real balls at the one of six different targets that will pop-up. These targets will also move side ways as the game progresses, making it more of a challenge to earn those points and win that ticket bonus.

The game uses a giant, self-contained cabinet with plexiglass keeping the balls from falling out of the machine. The cut space for the Zapper 9000 uses a secondary plexi shield to also prevent balls from finding their way outside of the game and onto the floor. The game makes great use of bright LED lighting on top of its mere size presence, making for an excellent choice to put into any FEC game room.

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Benchmark Games’ Zap! Attack Features

– Blending a classic, timeless carnival idea with modern technology
– Aliens theme works especially well with UFO/alien themed venues
– Black UV LED lighting for targets and strong LED lighting throughout the game
– Large cabinet with a strong presence
– Mounted “Zapper-9000,” air-compressor powered ball launcher
– Six pop-up alien targets that move side-to-side as gameplay progresses
– Large red numerical LED counters for time, current score, and high score
– Big red 4-space numerical LED counter for Bonus tickets (operator adjustable)
– Digital sounds & music
– Great for banking units together!
– Self-contained play keeps balls from falling out of the machine
– Physical or eTicket ready (please specify what you need to your sales agent)
– Coin or card swipe ready

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