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Wild River


Balance Your Ball On The River To Win Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 59″ W: 39.5″ D: 78.75″ Weight: 331lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 115V/230V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Wik Amusements

Navigate the waterway with skill, and you can win a bunch of tickets in Wild River by Wik Amusements.

Wild River hearkens back to the idea of marble mazes and balance boards of old, while automating the process in a way that works for arcades to use. The star of the game is the winding river in the center, that serves as the platform for your ball to cross. After inserting a credit, the spiral loader places a number of balls onto the surface; push the lever marked ‘PUSH’ down to release a ball, then watch it go onto the river.

Metal pins on the river piece in the training section keeps it from automatically falling down, giving the player a chance to get a hand of the controller. That control is simple, as all you do is use it to balance the whole river at once. Keep the ball from falling off, but also watch out for whirlpool holes that can also abruptly end your game. Along the river’s path are several holes marked with a score; the further along you go, the more points you can win. Make it to the very end and win the highest number of points! Points are translated into tickets (not a 1:1 translation, operators can adjust how many tickets are awarded for a score), with the Jackpot threshold requiring at least 3000 points to be won.

IAAPA Expo 2019 gave us a chance to try our hand at Wild River. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Wik Amusements’ Wild River Features:

– Fun and unique electromechanical redemption game

– 100% skill-based gameplay

– RGB LEDs add a striking appearance to the overall game, from inside the controller, to the rive, marquee & more

– Any player tall enough to see the playfield can enjoy this one!

– 27″ marquee monitor explains gameplay & shows scoring

– Large red numerical LED counter shows current progressive Jackpot bonus (operator adjustable)

– Fully self-contained & automated – balls are loaded via coil

– Digital sounds & music to further immerse the player in the river ‘rafting’ experience

– 1x ticket dispenser included

– Comes with an electronic coin comparator, programmable to receive a huge variety of coins or currencies

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