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Tight Rope


Ride Your Unicycle Across The Tight Rope For Tickets!
Installed Dimensions: H: 93″ W: 32″ D: 39″
Shipping Dimensions: 84″ x 36″ x 45″, 510 lbs.
Electrical: 120V @ 3A, 300W (230V power available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Andamiro USA




Have you ever wanted to experience the adrenaline rush of riding a unicycle on a tight rope above a giant chasm? Whether that’s been on your bucket list or not, now you can experience such a thrill but without any danger to life or limb in Andamiro’s Tight Rope video arcade redemption game!

When you first approach the Tight Rope cabinet, the first thing you may notice among the bright colors and attractive cabinet design is the unique controller. Shaped like a giant unicycle wheel, there is a handle on each side, mimicking the setup for bike pedals. This also features force feedback and offers light-feedback thanks to the full color spectrum LEDs that light the entire wheel up.

Check out Andamiro’s Tight Rope in action from our visit to IAAPA 2017. Available in 4K UHD resolution for the best detail!

After inserting credits, use the controller to select one of three levels to play: City, Ancient Ruins & Island. Then the fun really begins as you need to reach the goal on the other side to win the Super Bonus of tickets. This is easier said than done of course as a variety of moving obstacles stand between you and that prize. Players get three hearts (chances) as they cross, with a moving platform providing the ultimate challenge right before the end goal. With a great cabinet design and vibrant graphics, players will be drawn to play this one over and over again!

Andamiro’s Tight Rope Features:

– Exclusive to arcades; designed by Andamiro just for this format!

– Attractive cabinet design with eye-popping artwork and RGB LED T-molding

– Unique wheel controller that is easy-to-use and works like bike pedals. Backlit with RGB LEDs and rumbles with force feedback

– Three levels to choose from to incentivize replay

– Smooth graphics are displayed on a vertically mounted 55″ HD screen

– Operator adjustable bonus settings and more

– Ships with a standard ticket dispenser & single slot coin door

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