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The Smurfs coin pusher [2-player]



Play To Win Smurfs Cards & Toys!
Installed Dimensions: H: 92″ W: 68.5″ D: 42″ Weight:948lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V @ 2A, 201~226W
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Elaut USA



It’s a grand occasion as The Smurfs have come to the arcade thanks to Elaut USA!

The Smurfs started as a comic book series but it best known through the 1980s cartoon series that ran for most of the decade. It has also been a 3D animated film series that started in 2011. Now, the franchise comes in the form of an arcade game, using the more recent films as a basis. Players have a joystick and two buttons to control the fun here, playing not only to knock coins over the edge, but to also win the collectible cards and “Smurfurine Surprises” that are found inside the capsules. These additional prizes can be won by playing the Smurf fortune wheel, which is shown on the 27″ display.

Elaut USA’s The Smurfs Coin Pusher[2-player] Features

-Officially licensed Smurfs game
-Professionally crafted artwork, using Smurfs from the recent films
-2-player stations setup as one
-Joystick & button controls allow for greater control over the game
-Automated coin recycling [This does NOT vend coins]
-27″ vertically mounted HD display
-Fun audio package from the Smurfs
-Vends both collectible RFID cards & Smurf prize capsules
-Coin or card swipe ready

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