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Star Trek Voyager


Survive The Dangers Of The Delta Quadrant
Installed Dimensions [39″ Sitdown]: H:70″ W:48″ D:82″ Weight: 745lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: Certified Pre-Owned
Manufacturer: Team Play Inc.

Join the intrepid crew of the USS Voyager under the command of Captain Kathrine Janeway in the arcade exclusive Star Trek Voyager, by Game Refuge & Team Play Inc.

Star Trek Voyager presents a unique arcade take on the popular TV show of the same name, placing the players on the far side of the galaxy as they encounter threats like the Borg and other alien races of the Delta Quadrant, including the Hirogen and Species 8472. Armed with standard phaser weapon, blast the enemies that appear while grabbing upgrades and fighting to save the crew so they can continue on their journey home to the Alpha Quadrant. This game also includes space battle sequences that are unique for a light-gun game, where players get to pilot the Delta Flyer from the show, battling a variety of space ships.

The game was released in three models – a 29″ standard upright; a 39″ Deluxe upright and a massive 39″ environmental deluxe that included bench seating.

REFURBISHED STOCK: 6/17/21! – A Star Trek Voyager environmental deluxe unit is currently available from a PrimeTime operated location in Florida. Each will go through our Certified Pre-Owned refurbishing program before shipping to you. Please call for pricing and lead time.

Team Play Inc’s Star Trek Voyager Features:

– An arcade exclusive based upon the hit TV show of the same name

– Developed by Game Refuge, creators of classic arcade hits like Rampage & Arch Rivals.

– Features 3D likenesses of the TV characters, as well as voice overs done by the same actors

– 1-2 players control the action using their light-gun controller

– Uses the classic shoot off-screen to reload (“remodulate your phaser,” as the game says) mechanic

– Produced in 3 models: 29″ standard; 39″ deluxe; 39″ enviornmental deluxe. The environmental original came with drapes on the side entries, but those may not be present in the available used model.

– 2002 era 3D graphics are displayed on a 29″ or 39″ CRT monitor (LCD upgrades not available due to the tech)

– Player stats shown after each level is completed, including accuracy, secrets uncovered and a variety of bonuses

– High score leaderboard tracks up to 30 spots

– Comes with a standard 2-slot coin door

– This game is no longer be available new, having been released in 2002. All used games that we sell carry our “Certified Pre-Owned” seal of approval which means that we will carefully and professionally refurbish the game to reach like-new standards. This ensures that you are receiving a top quality game with every purchase!

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