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SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom



A New Kind of Spongebob Redemption Experience
Installed Dimensions: H:101″ W:70″ D:47″ Weight: 937lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H:86″ W:45″ D:74″ Weight: 1085lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 700W, 5.83A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Andamiro USA




Andamiro is ready to take players on another trip under-the-sea with SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom.

This game combines elements from various game types (card+chip+video+ball pusher) with one strong license, putting the beloved characters from SpongeBob SquarePants into pirate garb. Using a cabinet style that is also familiar to players and simple, single-button gameplay, this is sure to be yet another arcade hit.

At it’s heart, it is a ball pusher, a modern equivalent of the popular coin pusher. Players shoot a ball at the large moving treasure chest. If a shot makes it in the basket, that is translated onto the game screen, firing a bubble cannon and filling up the bubble meter. Ten winning shots fills the bubble meter and a full meter spins the prize wheel. Players can win tickets, cards, chips or get the Big Win!

Real balls that fall onto the moving platform below serve as a platform for both chips and cards that can be collected by the player. There are 9 cards that players can collect, each one featuring a SpongeBob character. Hold on to them as a collector’s item or put them into an Andamiro Redeem Machine for more tickets. Collect and redeem all nine cards for an awesome Super Bonus! Don’t want to hold onto the chips? You can redeem them right at the machine by inserting them into the coin slot!

Check out Pirates of Bikini Bottom as seen at Bowl Expo 2022.

Andamiro USA’s SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom Features:

– Another SpongeBob hit from Andamiro

– Officially licensed product with Spongebob character artwork

– Simple single-button gameplay

– A card+chip+video game+ball pusher all in one

– Works for 1 or 2 players; Each unit comes with two sides with each side acting as it’s own game

– Small video screen to display virtual targets and the wheel

– Dispenses tickets, plastic chips and collectible cards

– Redeem chips right at the machine by using the coin slot

– Completely self-contained system to recycle the balls

– Operators can adjust ticket values to the needs of their location

– Coin or card swipe compatible; Please specify what is needed when ordering

Additional Options – Call For Price

– Customized cards

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