• SpaceWarp 66 Mega 65" model by Touch Magix

SpaceWarp 66 [Mega Model]


Clear The Gates, Win Tickets Or Earn The High Score!
Installed Dimensions: H: 124″ W: 47″ D: 42″
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V @ 4A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Touch Magix / Elaut USA

Are you ready to confront the dangers of space travel? Then strap in and jump into SpaceWarp 66 by Touch Magix!

SpaceWarp 66 joins the Touch Magix family of video redemption games where the concept is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Using the spinner control, navigate a UFO on it’s way down a space tunnel. Popping up to stop your progress are rings of yellow teeth. You want to pass through the gaps, as colliding with the rings means game over. Grab green tickets along the way to boost the number of tickets you can win. But take care – as you progress, the speed amps up and the gaps become fewer. If you can survive all the way to the 66th ring, you’ll win the super bonus!

The Mega model offers the same fun but in a bigger package, using a 65″ screen instead of the 43″. It also comes with popping artwork and enhancements to the gameplay based upon operator feedback. Set it to play for tickets or just for fun ‘n points!

See the original SpaceWarp 66 in action from IAAPA Expo 2019. We will post a video of the newest model as soon as we come across it. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

June 2022 UPDATE: A new update is available which adds an exciting new feature to SpaceWarp units – linked multiplayer! This involves a hardware and software kit; Please contact us for pricing. This allows operators to connect two units together for competitive play, whether it’s in ticket redemption or bar/amusement mode.

Touch Magix’s SpaceWarp 66 Mega Features:

– An addictive spaceflight experience only found in arcades

– NEW FOR 2021: More vibrant artwork, gameplay & attract mode adjustments

– Easy for anyone to pick up and learn – just control your ship with the spinner!Tips-&-Tricks-Distributor-Primetime

– Comes in an attractive future-style space cabinet with LED animations

– Vertically oriented 65″ monitor is placed behind an art bezel to make it appear as a circular screen for a unique look!

– Comes with a powerful subwoofer enhanced sound system to draw you into the game

– Can be switched to Endless Mode for locations that cannot/don’t want to feature redemption play

– Bar Mode play will vend 1 or 2 tickets that players can redeem for a drink or other single prize

– Retry lifeline continue feature

– Operator adjustable ticket values

– Ships with a wireless keyboard to access operator menu

– Operator Option: Amusement/Barcade mode (play just for points or a single redeemable-for-a-prize ticket)

– Comes with a standard ticket dispenser; eTicket compatible

– Comes with a standard single slot coin mechanism; card swipe ready

Also available in a Standard 43″ model with a smaller footprint

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