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Sonic Sports Baby Air Hockey


Kids Everywhere Recognize Sega’s Speedy Blue Mascot
Installed Dimensions: H: 27″ W: 39″ D: 76″ Weight: 252lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H:17″ W: 55″ D: 81″ Weight: 276lbs
Electrical: 110V (220V optional)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements




He’s the world’s most recognizable hedgehog and now he is here to entertain your youngest customers with the Sonic Sports Baby Air Hockey table by Sega.

Like with any other air hockey table, players stand at each end and try to score more goals than one another within the time limit. This table features a scratch resistant perforated polycarbonate playfield with numerical LED scoring displays and red & green LEDs to show the game time. Each player goal features bright blue LED lighting for additional attraction. This is adorned with high quality artwork featuring Sonic The Hedgehog on the playfield surface with characters Sonic, Tails and Knuckles along the sides.  With optional ticket redemption, this the perfect air hockey table for locations that are looking to offer something fun for kids.

Check out the Sonic Sports Baby Air hockey as a part of this video. Available in 4K UHD!

Sega Amusements’ Sonic Sports Baby Air Hockey Table Features:

– Every location needs an air hockey table, combine this with an adult sized table to offer something for all your clients
– Globally recognized Sonic The Hedgehog branding
– Size is tailored to children ages 2-6
– Scratch-resistant polycarbonate playfield
– Red numerical LED scoring displays & LED dot timers are built right into the playfield on each player side
– LED lighting built into the playfield edges and into the goal eject holes
– Mallet holders built into each corner; comes with both pucks and mallets
– Digital sounds and music plays during each match or during the attract mode
– Optional ticket redemption with ticket dispensers built into each player side
– Single slot coin mechanisms built into each player side; card swipe ready
– Compliments the Hello Kitty Air Hockey kids table, also by Sega

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