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Shoot To Win Arena

SKU: 871


Operator Adjustable Playing Time and Ticket Settings
Installed Dimensions: Height: 96.5″, Width: 63″, Depth: 101.5″
Installed Weight (lbs): 1094
Shipping Dimensions:
Pallet 1: 67″W x 104″D x 49″H – Weight: 854 lbs.
Pallet 2: 40″W x 67″D x 43″H – Weight: 314 lbs.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Smart Industries
Manufacturer Warranty: 1-Year Limited




Basketball arcade games have been around for a while now but it isn’t often that such games innovate. With Smart’s Shoot To Win Arena, you can see what makes it unique from the get-go!

With two player stations in the same cabinet, single or dual players face the challenge of the exclusive “Basket Defender” – a large hand that moves back and forth in front of the hoop in an attempt to block player shots for 2 of the 3 game rounds (pictured above).

Like every basketball game, players are also competing against themselves as they try and best their top scores. Do you have what it takes to win the challenge of the Arena?

Smart Industries’ Shoot To Win Arena Features:

– Two baskets on one cabinet for One or two players to compete

– “Basket Defender” moving hand block feature simulates the challenge of the basketball court (if you wish to remove that hands, it is possible)

– Three rounds of play (two that use the Basket Defender feature)

– Multiple score/timer displays and a red dot matrix information ticker

– Great sound effects and music get you into the game

– Includes twelve 8″ basketballs (can use any 7″ up to regulation 9″ balls)

– Bright blue & white cabinet design with multi-color Rope Lights for highlights (speed & pattern controll adjustable); 18-gauge steel console for excellent durability

– Durable polycarbonate backboard designed to hold up to many years of use

– Ships with dual mechanical coin mechs; Dollar Bill acceptor (DBA) or card swipe ready

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