Shelti Radikal Communicating Dartboard Machine

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Laser Light Controls / Measures Throwing Distance
Installed Dimensions: H: 91.5″ W: 26″ D: 24″ Weight: Call
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Shelti

The Shelti Radikal Communicating Dart Game is by far the most intelligent and feature packed dart machine produced to date. This revolution in dartboard design is guaranteed to exceed every player’s expectations! Shelti Radikal comes with a software system called Radikal Darts, developed by Gaelco, a Spanish company also know for their video arcade games of the early 2000s.

The Radikal system allows you and others to play live with against other players world wide using the internet. Equipped with web cameras, a laser-measured throw line, sensors, and online competition software means players can compete online in real time with other remote opponents from across the globe, as well as view a computerized record of throws and results. Do note that this is strictly limited to commercial use only, the nature of cash tournaments preventing any use for private/home/residential clients.

The Radikal is equipped with multiple strategically placed cameras – These cameras record the players throwing distance and location, the target face, and each thrown dart. With three integrated cameras, the system allows players to compete live in real time in casual games, leagues, and tournaments without having to be in the same location.

Shelti Radikal Dart Features:

– Soft tip dart action contained within a sleek, commercial quality cabinet

– 21.5″ LCD marquee monitor shows game information, scoring, active camera feed and more

– “Remote refereeing system” developed by Gaelco

– Play online or offline as desired

– Adjustable laser-based throwing line for accurate, indisputable distances

– Easy-to-use touchscreen interface

– Multiple darts game styles including: Cricket,  X01 (301, 501, 701 and 901) and more

– Participate in online tournaments and more!

– NOTE: These units are no longer available though Shelti/Gold Standard Games so availability may be extremely limited. Please give us a call and we can check into the latest stock & sales situation. Certain areas may also be required to get a machine through an authorized operator, depending upon the territorial contract of a given region.


Check out Radikal Darts in action

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